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Quick IQ test has been very familiar to everyone nowadays, chains of questions including 100% images to most accurately evaluate logical thinking of each person.

The brain of a person is divided into two hemispheres. Which are left brain and right brain. If the right brain decides imagination and creativity ability, the left brain decides thinking and logic capability. We can say that both hemispheres are important but the fact is that, people tend to master one hemisphere only. And online IQ test is to determine the maximum capacity of the left hemisphere.

The free IQ test includes 26 questions taking in the maximum time of 24 minutes, with results from over 120 meaning you are in the intelligence type. With results over 130 you will have the opportunity to be admitted to the Vietnam High IQ Society. However, please know that this is absolutely not easy, because the ratio of this result is only 2% the total population.

So how much is your IQ score? Are you curious about this score? Let's find out through this Quick IQ test.

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